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Cluster of security companies in Dubna


The composition of the Cluster

The main goal is to create Clusters of Dubna business competitiveness through the effective interaction of its participants.


Organizational documents

The complex of interconnected documents governing the structure, objectives, functions of the Cluster, the organization of its work, the rights, duties and responsibilities of management and specialists of the enterprise.

The main goal of the Cluster is to attract and joint implementation of large-scale projects for large commercial and government customers, as well as the revitalization of the companies in Dubna in the country becoming an innovation economy.

Due to the implementation of Cluster policy in the creation of security Cluster contributes to the competitiveness of the business, realizing the potential for effective cooperation between the participants Cluster associated with their geographically closest location, including access to innovation, technology, "know-how" specialized services and highly skilled personnel, and reduced transaction costs, providing the prerequisites for the formation of joint cooperation projects and productive competition.

The formation and development of the Cluster to create a security system is an effective mechanism to attract foreign direct investment, including foreign trade and enhance integration. The inclusion of local Clusters in global value chain can significantly raise the level of national technological base, increase the speed and quality of economic growth by improving the international competitiveness of enterprises belonging to the Cluster